Romanian Furniture Industry

Romanian furniture is appreciated all over the world
Romanian furniture production covers the entire range of home furniture – both solid wood furniture, wood-based board furniture and upholstered furniture. Office furniture, commercial furniture, school furniture are made in Romania, and the styles vary from modern furniture to vintage furniture imitating old styles, depending on the demand of different markets. Factories manufacture large, small, or medium series furniture, as well as custom furniture; most manufacturers being extremely flexible in terms of the size of accepted orders. Romanian furniture manufacturers mainly approach the manufacture of furniture that addresses the economic-superior and superior segments of the market, reaching in certain cases the creation of unique pieces, respectively designer furniture.

Romania exports products with high added value
The products made by Romanian companies fall into the following groups and typologies: single pieces as tables and chairs made of solid wood and combinations of solid wood with metal, chairs upholstered with fabric, with modern shapes, sofas and armchairs upholstered with textiles in pastel colours or leather, rustic furniture, solid oak, beech and softwood furniture, programs for living rooms, dining rooms and garden furniture. Solid wood is valued with finishes in colours as close as possible to natural ones, but also in other shades, allowing the perception of the wood's texture. Romanian manufacturers constantly create new projects and collections, well anchored in international trends.

Solid wood is the main component
More than 50% of solid wood furniture is produced from beech, but significant percentages are also made from oak, softwood, and other essences.

Romanian furniture is made to European standards
In the field of general technical quality conditions of products and processes, there are norms and standards aligned with European and ISO standards. The specific legislation includes regulations in the field of environmental protection, wood certification and various management systems, quality, consumer protection and general use. National legislation concerning the furniture industry closely follows the corresponding EU legislation.