Minimalist furniture by XO Interiors

The new range of modern, minimalist furniture, characterized by simple lines, is different from the brand's basic collections, but respects the creative lines that have consecrated the LEMN PROD EX COM company. Some models have the surface covered with oak veneer, and the doors and drawers have push-open systems, without handles, precisely to avoid ornamental elements in the desire not to crowd the surfaces.

XO Interiors, the LEMN PROD EX COM brand, was born from the passion to create exceptional, exclusive, contemporary, and special pieces of furniture. With this brand, you will experience elegance, luxury, comfort, and exclusivity that will transform your space into an extraordinary interior. We provide furniture that does more than just rests in your space. We believe that furniture should be an experience, adding convenience, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to your home. Our team of passionate designers and manufacturers are committed to striking the balance between form and function to create pieces that truly make a statement.
LEMN PROD EX COM is a furniture factory established in 1994, which has the latest technology. It produces both classic and modern furniture and can offer a wide range of products at an excellent price for the offered quality.