Solid oak tables by MOBEX&COMPANY

The new collection of tables is made exclusively of solid oak wood with wooden and metal legs, where the particularities are highlighted only by human intervention. The finishes are made using scratch and moisture resistant acrylic varnishes and ecological oils. We make tables of different sizes with wooden or metal legs, benches with wooden legs and metal legs, round and oval tables, coffee tables and wooden panels. The company's policy is to customize the products, according to the needs and taste of everyone: sizes, colors, combinations according to preferences.

We value nature and treat it with respect, and it is reflected in every moment when the wood is in our hands. We carefully combine our solid wood furniture with metal, glass, or leather when it comes to producing our unique high-quality products.
With over 26 years of experience in furniture manufacturing and a stable and firm track record over the years, MOBEX & COMPANY has been able to successfully achieve its goals, gaining credibility and developing its client portfolio. The company produces a wide range of solid oak tables to the highest standards.