The collection of tables by M-OLIVER Design
The Legendary table is specially created for business meetings and offers each participant the safety of personal space. Terry it is a versatile piece that provides personality to the living room or the conference centre. The angled steel legs suggest perfection, no matter the point of view you use to look at it. The modern form of the Oliver table combined with the solid natural veneer make it look fantastic in any environment. Klyde is a perfectly imperfect table, with which we aim to bring nature into the privacy of home or office. A high degree of customization is our distinctive mark. To this day we’ve come to over 400 possibilities and still counting, ranging from sleek designs to industrial looks. As we grow, we will continue to develop further with high respect towards the people we work with, the materials we use and the environment. We see beauty in each tiny detail, that’s why we often pick woods with visible knots that give character and uniqueness to every single piece we create.
Mark Oliver is a family-owned business dedicated to creating superior quality tables for spectacular and contemporary home environments. In our factory we blend top notch modern technologies with amazing craftsmanship to produce timeless designs, using only durable, natural materials like woods from sustainable sources, leather, and solid metal.