Una Lettera D’Amore by House of VLAdiLA

House of VLAdiLA celebrates its presence on the London Design Fair stage with the launch of Una Lettera D'Amore, a new concept-series of wallpaper, textiles, and furniture pieces.

In creating this collection, we chose to travel visually along the route Milan-Rome-Venice-Florence and back. We taste the surrealism and symbolic decadence of Italy, in a journey that teaches us about the concept of interiority.

House of VLAdiLA artists have selected a colour palette in which tones of ochre, coral and jade are interrupted by accents of burgundy and navy. The atmosphere created by our models is meant to convey to the viewer a provocative sensuality, a pleasant state of timelessness, right in the heart of the living space.

Beauty lovers present at the fair will be introduced to the authentic Romanian design that has been made by combining hand drawing, by brush and watercolours, with the digital one: produced 100% in-house, from concept to design and production.

The designs of this collection translate into statement wallpaper that tells the love story of the Una Lettera d'Amore collection, lush velvet textiles and furniture pieces with a minimalist structure, embraced by upholstery that has been enriched with graphic elements borrowed from the wallpaper design, for extra visual harmony.

Our booth in the Truman Brewery will invite visitors to surrender to the power of attraction that art, especially art that surrounds and embraces you, holds. They will be greeted by an immersive experience where the senses are guided by the texture of velvet and wallpaper towards a visual utopia, one that is meant to become the perfect backdrop for a personal "home".

Through our participation in the fair, we want to continue the process of internationalization of the brand. Also, we can't wait to introduce the functional art passionates in London to Romanian design, made with passion for art and craftsmanship.
House of VLAdiLA is a polymath brand, a community of artists and creatives that cultivates interiority and glam intimacy through a characterful collection of wallpaper, paintings, velvety fabrics and designer pieces of furniture.