The NETERU by Carel Woodworks and Dean Connell

Their combined expertise and innovative vision have given rise to a remarkable project, which is the first collection by IAMDC. The essence of this collection is inspired by the beauty and authenticity of natural materials, embracing a simplistic yet elegant form while ensuring its versatility across various use cases. Dubbed as „The Neteru” the collection embodies a set of natural elements, each representing a facet of the entire project collection.

What makes this collection particularly intriguing is the adaptability of each furniture piece. Not only can they seamlessly integrate with other non-IAMDC items, but they also possess a straightforward and timeless design that allows for effortless combination with other furnishings. This characteristic lends itself to efficient production, enhancing the overall practicality and appeal of the collection.

One central aspect that sets this collection apart from others in the market is the concept of the „Asymmetric Leg”. This particular design detail serves as the core differentiator, distinguishing it from conventional furniture pieces. The use of asymmetric legs adds a touch of uniqueness and artistic flair to the collection, giving it an edge that captivates the imagination of potential buyers and design enthusiasts alike.

The story of the collection so far highlights the dedication and commitment of the collaborative team. IAMDC, with the guidance of CAREL, has harnessed the essence of natural materiality, simplicity in form, and functional versatility to create a collection that promises to elevate any space it graces.
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