The Romanian furniture Brands exhibit at London Design Fair for the first time

Londons largest and most influential design exhibition makes its much-anticipated return to the iconic Truman Brewery on 21-24 September 2023. London Design Fair is recognised as the UKs leading showcase of cutting-edge design, brands, makers, pavilions, and galleries. The place for buyers within the design community to source the very best in furniture, lighting, collectable design, materials, and original installations from around the world. The Romanian manufacturers have prepared unique collections of solid wood furniture, from statement pieces to complete lines of furniture for homes, hotels and restaurants, office, and public institutions, but also authentic collections of wallpaper and upholstery.


Una Lettera D'Amore by House of VLAdiLA

House of VLAdiLA celebrates its presence on the London Design Fair stage with the launch of Una Lettera D'Amore, a new concept-series of wallpaper, textiles, and furniture pieces.

„In creating this collection, we chose to travel visually along the route Milan-Rome-Venice-Florence and back. We taste the surrealism and symbolic decadence of Italy, in a journey that teaches us about the concept of interiority.” House of VLAdiLA by AESTHETIC INDESIGN is a polymath brand, a community of artists and creatives that cultivates interiority and glam intimacy through a characterful collection of wallpaper, paintings, velvety fabrics and designer pieces of furniture.


Lapel Ergonomic Office Chair & Plus Modular Sofa by ANTARES

The Lapel Ergonomic Office Chair featuring high-quality cushioning, offers the perfect balance of support and comfort, so you can tackle your tasks with ease. The Plus modular product family is a versatile and customizable seating solution designed to meet the needs of any break-out area, creative and interactive workspace, or office space. With a simple yet elegant aesthetic, this modular system boasts clean lines and a minimalist design that will complement any decor style. ANTARES ROMANIA is a family business born 30 years ago. Believes in lasting relationships with partners, clients, employees, architects, and designers.


The Kameleon Office Booth by ASKIA Furniture

The Kameleon Office Booth is a versatile pod designed to adapt to suit different workspaces „like a chameleon does in nature”. It comes in different sizes, and it is customized with a panel-based system, where different coloured elements are attached to and removed from the structural frame over time. ASKIA designs sharp and timeless solutions for ever-changing environments. The uniqueness of their products stems from innovative design approach, forward looking-techniques and an everlasting love for traditional craftsmanship.


The NETERU by CAREL Woodworks and Dean Connell

Their combined expertise and innovative vision have given rise to a remarkable project, which is the first collection by IAMDC. The essence of this collection is inspired by the beauty and authenticity of natural materials, embracing a simplistic yet elegant form while ensuring its versatility across various use cases. Award winning furniture brand & manufacturer creating heirloom pieces for home, office, and hospitality. „At CAREL Woodworks, we take pride in our team of skilled craftsmen who pour their hearts and souls into every piece of furniture. We understand the emotional connection that furniture has in our lives and strive to make each creation a masterpiece that reflects your unique style and personality.”

Affordable luxury by ECOMATRIX

Ecomatrix presents representative pieces of furniture from the collections of solid wood tables, tabletops in combinations with several materials, of different shapes. It will also exhibit modern furniture pieces that conform to current trends in interior design. „While using our furniture products, from pure solid wood, your home environment will get something special: CHARACTER!” ECOMATRIX is a Romanian company specialized in the production of solid wood furniture, which achieves an added value by cumulating the experience of the partners in the field, from tree to furniture, realizing Romanian made products from local raw material with domestic labor.


Minimalist furniture by XO Interiors

The new range of modern, minimalist furniture, characterized by simple lines, is different from the brand's basic collections, but respects the creative lines that have consecrated the company. Some models have the surface covered with oak veneer, and the doors and drawers have push-open systems, without handles, precisely to avoid ornamental elements in the desire not to crowd the surfaces. XO Interiors, the LEMN PROD EX COM brand, was born from the passion to create exceptional, exclusive, contemporary, and special pieces of furniture.


Solid oak tables by MOBEX&COMPANY

The new collection of tables is made exclusively of solid oak wood with wooden and metal legs, where the particularities are highlighted only by human intervention. The finishes are made using scratch and moisture resistant acrylic varnishes and ecological oils. „We make tables of different sizes with wooden or metal legs, benches with wooden legs and metal legs, round and oval tables, coffee tables and wooden panels. MOBEX&COMPANY produces a wide range of solid oak tables to the highest standards. The company's policy is to customize the products, according to the needs and taste of everyone: sizes, colors, combinations according to preferences.


The collection of tables by M – OLIVER Design

Mark Oliver is a family-owned business dedicated to creating superior quality tables for spectacular and contemporary home environments. „In our factory we blend top notch modern technologies with amazing craftsmanship to produce timeless designs, using only durable, natural materials like woods from sustainable sources, leather, and solid metal. As we grow, we will continue to develop further with high respect towards the people we work with, the materials we use and the environment. We see beauty in each tiny detail, that’s why we often pick woods with visible knots that give character and uniqueness to every single piece we create.”


The statement collection ORGANICA by MONTANA Campeni and Bradul Maneciu

The collection’s sinusoidal patterns perfectly carved in oak are the main point of attraction. Besides the overall look, the collection is a successful mix of different materials combined, organically, in perfect harmony. The furniture fronts are made from solid oak, the overall structure made from oak veneer and the countertops with a sideway extension made from fireproof MDF and concrete. „We have also combined different furniture styles, ranging from classic wood furniture to straight modern lines with a twist of futuristic design patterns, by incorporating concrete elements in the corners.”  MONTANA Campeni makes solid wood furniture: softwood, beech, and oak. Technological flexibility and the power to organize production offer the possibility to produce both large and small series, furniture for homes but also for HoReCa and public institutions.


Classic Brushed Grey & White Solid Oak collections by SIMEX

We are thrilled to introduce our exquisite masterpiece – the Classic Brushed Grey & White Solid Oak Bedroom Collection JASMINA. Crafted by the most talented sculptors, each piece in this collection is a work of art on its own, embodying timeless beauty and unmatched craftsmanship. Our collection captures the essence of classic design while embracing a touch of contemporary flair. The brushed grey and white finish exude sophistication, making it a perfect addition to any bedroom decor. „From the intricately carved headboards to the delicate handles, our collection's make each piece not just furniture, but a true work of art that adds character to your bedroom.” SIMEX is a furniture manufacturer with a large production capacity, with sales in Europe, Asia, USA and with a great potential to start new collaborations.


Two new furniture collections, Ashton, and Infinity, by SOLID OAK EXPERT

A professional manufacturer of solid wood furniture with classic and modern designs has a variety of products in its portfolio. „We have a rich portfolio of products with classic and modern design, but we also like to design for order. We are proud to offer beautifully designed and crafted, timeless, 100% solid wood furniture pieces. We make high quality, modern technology products, but with great respect for nature. We are also experienced in complex projects such as solid wood floors, doors, stairs, wall panels and custom furniture.” SOLID OAK EXPERT manufactures 100% solid wood furniture and exports to Great Britain, Austria, Germany, and Hungary. We are open to any suggestions/requests you have for custom orders.

The Romanian Pavilion at London Design Fair is sponsored by the Romanian Agency of Investments and Foreign Trade – ARICE and organized together with the Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Association – APMR.


Romania's top furniture brands await you at London Design Fair, between 21 and 24 September 2023!

The Truman Brewery, Hall 5


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